Monthly Archives: February 2012

iPad versus Laptop

Recently I’ve been having conversations with many people who are trying to decide whether to buy an iPad, and if their business needs can justify the pricey expense. I usually get the same response when I pose the question: “From ...
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Lifetime Value of a Customer, Part 1

All businesses on some level require the same evaluation. There must be a developed interest in their goods or service through business development activities, fulfill on sales that result from the business development activities, and administrate the underlying and resulting ...
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Chart of Accounts Management

When was the last time you took a good hard look at your chart of accounts (COA)? If your answer is months ago or perhaps never, it’s quite possible that you have a mess on your hands. That possibility significantly ...
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What are Manufacturing Costs?

Manufacturing costs include all of the costs associated with the direct production (manufacturing) of goods while inside of the factory. Manufacturing costs are product costs, and include both direct and indirect costs. Any costs that occur before or after the ...
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