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TGG Accounting 

San Diego
10188 Telesis Court
Suite 130
San Diego, CA 92121

P 760.697.1033
F 760.687.2811

1401 Walnut Street 
Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80302 

P 720.708.5561

A Managerial Accounting Firm

Vision. To be the nationwide source for financial health for small business.

Mission. To make business owners' lives better through excellent financial management.

7 Principals. As a guide in all that we do, TGG'ers look to these principals to support good decision making. 

  • Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it
  • Be Proactive - Don’t let others make assumptions
  • Even if you don’t have an immediate answer, respond immediately
  • Bad news does not get better with time
  • Listen, understand, and repeat. Repeat.
  • Clients remember how you make them feel
  • Communicate through your client’s goals

Culture. TGG Accounting's corporate culture is based upon a practice-what-we-preach philosophy. Each member of our team sets goals, implements them, and achieves success while balancing the competing demands of work and personal life.

TGG Accounting was started after a long progression of financial companies that were started, transformed and even sold, by founder Matt Garrett. For more information on how TGG Accounting has developed, please see Matt's bio here on our website. 

To further develop our culture, together with support from everyone at TGG, we have developed 20 Belief's about small business accounting. The accounting processes which these belief's guide, provide our clients with usable, accurate and timely financial data their organizations can use to make better decisions. 

TGG’s 20 Beliefs about Small Business Accounting

  1. There is only one right way to do accounting: on an accrual basis
  2. Every penny matters
  3. Every transaction matters and must be categorized (no misc. expense category)
  4. Every transaction must have a matching source document
  5. Accounting processes and procedures should be 90% the same at every business
  6. Books must be closed each month, each quarter, and each year without prior period adjustments
  7. All balance sheet accounts must be reconciled at least quarterly (many accounts monthly)
  8. Any items that go un-reconciled and remain outstanding must be investigated and explained promptly
  9. We present financial information using the inverted pyramid technique (big picture to minute detail)
  10. To maximize visibility the Balance Sheet and Income Statement must fit on one page (with detail in the notes)
  11. Every business must have a cash flow forecast
  12. To understand the financial health of their business, every manager must look at the Triple Bottom Line
  13. Taxes must be reconciled to the books each year
  14. Each entity can use only one accounting file (regardless of how many lines of business it has), and each entity needs its own accounting file
  15. To provide the highest quality product, eliminate fraud, operate efficiently (at the lowest cost) and deliver continuity, an accounting department requires 4 team members
  16. Doing the right work at the right level reduces errors and maximizes efficiency
  17. Our value is accurate accounting matched with sound strategic planning and cash management advice backed up by the numbers
  18. Business & personal goals are a managerial accounting metric and must be present in every business discussion/decision
  19. All goals must be Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic & Timely (S.M.A.R.T.)
  20. We never compromise our ethics, break the law or knowingly participate in any fraudulent activity
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