Letter from TGG's CEO – Matt Garrett

Welcome to the TGG Blog.

At TGG our mission is to make business owners lives better through excellent financial management.

Business owners are our clients. They are some of the smartest, hardest working, caring people you will ever meet. They bring services and products that make our lives easier, and they push the limits of what is possible by making the lives of those around them better. Perhaps most importantly for society, they employ the majority of working Americans and support families in numerous other ways.

But, America has a problem. The economic sirens are sounding, and small business owners are struggling. Alarmingly, 71% of all American businesses fail within the first 4 years and over the past two years, more businesses have closed than have started (SBA). The number one reason given for failure is “a lack of cash”.

At TGG we are singularly focused on changing that statistic for the better. In the past 5 years, and through the recession, we have had less than 2% of our clients go out of business. Most recently, we are proud to have 7 clients in the September 2011 top 100 fastest growing companies in San Diego and 4 in the top 20, and 2 in the top 10.

We believe that the number one cause for business failure is not a “lack of cash” but rather poor cash management due to bad financial information. By using our proven financial management system, “The TGG Way”, we believe we can help small business get healthy and thrive in the toughest economic times.

By providing timely and insightful commentary on a wide range of topics affecting business owners and their advisors, we aim to heighten the awareness of good financial management. From time-to-time, you will be able to find educational materials, current events commentary, and personal stories of business failures and business triumph. We will do our best to remain timely, but most importantly, we will always advocate positions that we believe will make business owners’ lives and the lives of their employees better.

Please enjoy, and if you find it helpful, please pass on the good word about our Blog.

Matt Garrett, CEO
TGG Accounting

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