Welcome to TGG


Welcome to the new TGG website and blog. The journey really began as a simple task – it was time for a new website. Our old one was dated, hard to update, and had information that was years old. But as we started looking for a website developer, we also realized that TGG had come a long way since its early days in a small office in Cardiff. We were involved in much more than providing accounting services for small businesses. We were consultants bringing a myriad of unique business experiences and lessons taken from hundreds of clients to help each business that we worked with. Accounting. Financial Guidance. Strategic Consulting. Executive Coaching. TGG had grown and expanded its services quite significantly, albeit in a very organic manner. We started to think that the “Accounting” in “TGG Accounting” might be limiting.

To test this theory, we went to those that really knew us best – our clients and partners. We had in-depth interviews and asked pointed questions about what they loved about TGG, where we could improve and why they continued to work with us. We also interviewed our own staff about the value we add to our clients and why they are excited to work at TGG. We found that it came down to relationships and value. TGG is truly an integral part of our clients’ team – at both a tactical level and as a strategic advisor. We are as passionate about their successes as our own. And we ensure that our clients do have these successes – scalable growth, increased profitability, successful exits.

This information pushed us to make a broader change – instead of just a new website, we decided to undertake a full re-branding. The result is a new name “TGG” (no “Accounting”), a new logo, new tagline, new colors and a new website. Without getting into all of the details and marketing-speak, we think that the new TGG brand is broader, stronger and more confident. It reflects that we have deeply passionate beliefs about the importance of timely, accurate finance and accounting information and its value to small businesses. Our new brand reflects our passion for our clients and doing what it takes to help them be more successful. And finally it reflects our confidence in our own team and what we do – we have great people who are smart, dedicated and experienced – and when we bring the power of this team (50+ deep today) to a client, we make a difference.

We are excited to sync our brand and website with the business that TGG has become. And we thank all of you that have contributed to the process. Finally, we hope that you appreciate this blog (and news, social media, etc.) as a conduit of relevant information and interesting insights about the small business world. More to come…


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