Preparing for the Unexpected

Preparing for the Unexpected

At some point in the life of a business, the unexpected happens. Protecting against a negative event or situation is essential for your business to continue to survive and thrive. Establishing the right infrastructure will ensure you are ready to meet a dramatic event head on.

Contingency Planning

Corporate Governance

Protecting your assets

Business Documentation

Preserving source documents

Tax Planning

Managing your cash flow

Buy-Sell Agreements

Protecting against the unexpected

Buy-Sell – Death of Sole Owner

Protecting your family

Buy-Sell – Death of Partner

Transferring partner’s interest

Buy-Sell – Multiple Partners

What’s the right agreement?

Buy-Sell – Disability

Structuring a buyout

Buy-Sell – Divorce

Maintaining control of your business

Buy-Sell – Dissolution

Establishing a transition plan


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