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Cash Is King…Sort Of

This is a article written by Matt Garrett

We have all heard that statement, and it is true…sort of.

In a business, you cannot do anything without cash, well at least not for very long. However, the truth is ...
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My 5 Favorite Beliefs About Accounting

I recently sat down in a meeting were we discussed the “TGG Way™” and our 20 beliefs about accounting. I know what you are thinking, stimulating stuff. However there are things that every accountant knows or learns over time, and ...
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What is REO Property

REO Property stands for Real Estate Owned property. It represents a very specific class of property that is owned by a financial lender. Typically, these properties originate from foreclosures. When a property is in default, the lender will go through ...
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Land vs. Building Costs

Real property purchased by a business may have two components: land and buildings. For purchasers that are not in the business of actively purchasing or investing in real property as their primary function, these two components receive very different accounting ...
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