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MedTrust’s vision is about improving patient outcomes through excellence in mobile healthcare. They currently operate in three states Florida, Georgia and South Carolina serving more than 60,000 patients a year. As they continue to grow and serve the needs of the healthcare community, we are excited to shine our Client Spotlight on them! Check out our Q&A with their Chief Executive Officer, Lenna Macdonald:

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Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! What is one sentence that best describes MedTrust?

MedTrust is a leading regional ground ambulance provider operating in three states Florida, Georgia and South Carolina serving more than 60,000 patients a year originating from more than 13 hospital systems.

What is your most recent accomplishment that you’re most proud of?

As an organization, what I have recognized over the past month or so is that the number of people within our organization that have been promoted from within. We talked a lot about the development of our people and we recognize how difficult it is to attract and retain the best, both providers or in leadership. I’m just really proud of the team and as I look around, how many folks have been promoted from within, it’s a substantial number of our organization. We just announced the other day that Fred Isch was promoted to COO. We recognized Tyler Dixon and Robbin McCall, two new promotions to Manager so I’m most proud of the fact that as an organization we’re really growing strong leadership and attracting the best providers.

What is one fact about MedTrust that few people know?

I think what immediately comes to mind is that if you’re not within this part of our industry that when someone at home dials 911 we’re not the organization that shows up. We don’t respond to 911. We of course will provide mutual aid to county 911 systems, but we are an inner facility transport company that means we’re serving hospital systems and healthcare facilities. And the way I like to describe it, is we’re the medicine between the buildings. So, if you go to a freestanding emergency department or go to a local hospital and that hospital or freestanding emergency department can’t serve your needs and you need different care, we would be that entity that moved you from the freestanding emergency department or that local hospital to a primary care hospital.  As I said, we’re that medicine between the buildings as we provide and are contracted with health systems to move those complex patients from one location to another.

Is there anything on the horizon for your business in 2022 and beyond that you’re excited about?

I’m looking forward to the end of Covid. I think we performed so well, and our providers really stepped up during very trying times, not only moving very ill patients, at risk to themselves, but it was very trying. Staffing has been very trying so what I’m looking forward to in 2022 is a return to more normal operations. And as we do that, and we stabilize to look forward to continue to grow the company. I think our story and our approach to service is one that’s attractive to hospital systems. I look forward to getting back to normal operations and looking forward to continuing to grow the business going forward.

Switching now to the accounting side of your business, before you started working with us, what problems were you experiencing with your Accounting?

The reason we decided to look outside of the organization is that we grew tremendously fast from 2017 to the end of 2021.  In a period of four years, we went from one base to three states of operation, we went from 40 employees to 350 employees and multiple hospital systems. While we were growing so quickly, it was very hard to bring that skill set in-house to MedTrust and to build out a finance team fully with the same speed that we were growing the business.

We came to the conclusion in the end of 2021 that we needed to find the best resource to essentially give us that finance department, to give us the knowledge and skills that we would have to otherwise developed over the years, we needed to go find it and have it instantly available to us. Because we’re getting to the size of an organization that we needed that proficiency in that skill set and we had not been able to build it out, while we’re growing the business.

Since working with us, how have things improved or what solutions have we been able to provide?

We originally thought you would augment our very small finance department, but for a series of reasons our two folks in finance left for other opportunities, and so we just decided that the experience we had towards the end of 2021 was so positive that we were going to engage with TGG as a fully outsourced finance department. So, what we have is internal revenue billing and collections and we have internal payments. The whole back office above finances with compiling our information, presenting it in financial statement format, serving and providing board governance and reporting, assisting with our first 2021 financial audit, etc. are all those things you have helped with. We’ve been really pleased with Bruce Lambright and his team of folks with the skill and the tenacity, if you will, of helping us get through all the things we needed to work on.

Where do you see MedTrust in the next five years, and how can we help you get there?

In five years, if we had a crystal ball, we would have continued to fully professionalize our organization and we would have doubled the size of the business within our regional or expanded regional footprint.

How TGG can help us is to bring that professional skill set on the finance department. Just like I said, I’ve been so pleased with the team, we are going to have more complexity, as we go forward rather than less, and we need a team that can help us grow and do all the things necessary to help us achieve that sort of growth profile and having the finance department, with the right skill set, is absolutely critical to being able to do it.

Before we conclude, is there anything else about MedTrust that you would like people to know about?

We think of ourselves as being resilient and we think of ourselves as wanting to create momentum as that’s organizationally that’s kind of the ethos, if you will, but MedTrust is a combination of all these efforts of 400+ people every day doing great things and I just am really proud of how everyone has come together in really difficult times to focus on what we’re supposed to be about which is patience and serving our hospital systems.

Our vision is improving patient outcomes through excellence and mobile health care, and that has, for the past four plus years been our vision it’s still true today. I think as an organization we’re focused on achieving that and I think it’s really special. It’s been hard work with our growth profile, but I’m really proud of what everyone has been able to achieve over the past few years and I’m very excited about where we’re going.

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