The Right Customers WANT What You’re Selling!

Finding the right people to sell to can be challenging, whether you are just starting as a business owner or if you have owned your own business for a while. Selling to the right people is vital to the success of your business, as these are the people who drive business back to your company. So how can you better understand your target market?

When Matt first started at TGG, he had a mission to teach people that living by the numbers and having accurate financial reporting will be the turning point for your company. But those people didn’t actually WANT accurate financial reporting. So Matt shifted, TGG began selling to people who wanted to live by the numbers, and that made all the difference.

Lesson learned: look for people who want what you have to sell!

Here are a few steps you can take to understand who the right people are for your business.

First, track your marketing efforts. Separate your efforts into demographic AND psychographic. You have to understand what your customer’s preferences are to sell to them effectively.

the right customers

Next, begin tracking your retention rates not only on a large scale, who is coming and who is going, but within your demographic and psychographic parameters identify which customers are coming back to use your services again.

Lastly, track your gross margin by customer. You will likely find your happiest customers = the best gross profit. These are your key customers who are driving business for your company.

Once you take these three steps, you will better understand the right customers to sell to, and you will start selling to those who actually want what you’re selling.

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