Re-opening the Economy: Three Phases to Bring Back Business

As we begin to look beyond the coronavirus economic lockdown, the government gave us a plan to end lockdowns and stay-at-home orders within the next few months. President Trump has provided governors with a three-phase program intended to safely revive America’s economy, which is called “Opening Up America Again.” 

How to Create Contingency Plans for Supply Chain Disruptions

While the Coronavirus outbreak has been unexpected in every way, its impact on our global supply chain and local distributors is unprecedented. If your company, or its key suppliers, carries limited raw material inventory and relies heavily on Asian sources of supply, you are at high risk of disruption, according to several new economic analyses.

Controllers Processes and Procedures

A controller is someone responsible for all accounting-related activities within an organization. Financial Controllers report to a firm’s CFO. Their duties include the preparation of operating budgets, overseeing financial reporting, and performing essential functions related to payroll.



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