In the fourth and final part of our Boom or Bust series, we are focusing on assessing your sales metrics and customer base to measure performance. The tactics we’ve outlined below are designed to help you mitigate risk, grow your business and diversify your customer base.

Finding the right customers is crucial to your business. There are a few things that you need to consider when you’re thinking about who to sell to. I’ll share a brief story and discuss how we solve this problem here at TGG.

What’s the easiest sale that you can make as a business? The easiest sale you can make is to a happy customer, and you can sell them something else. Here are a couple upselling tips:

First, you can sell your customers a new product or service. This is actually the hardest of these three different upsells to make, because you have to create or stock a new product, or provide a new service.
Next, you can sell your customers more of what you’re already selling them. It’s the same product or service, but more of it. This expands the relationship.
Third, you can do something that is often the easiest to do, but people are the most fearful to try. You can increase your prices.