TGG recently hosted a roundtable on nonprofit fundraising. We invited our clients and other nonprofits in the community to discuss strategies for increasing donations, expanding their donor base, and appealing to millennial donors.

The forum was moderated by Steve Goldstein, a Consulting CFO with TGG. Steve not only serves some of our not-for-profit clientele, but also founded and runs his own non-profit, Starfish Asset Fund, which provides low interest loans and financial education for transitioning foster youth.

We’ve compiled some of the takeaways from the roundtable because we believe these insights apply to a broad range of not-for-profit organizations.

The agenda covered many aspects of marketing, with an emphasis on using technology and data to improve results.

There were many great discussions and actionable items that can be applied by any nonprofit organization intent on realizing their mission. We have summarized a number of the top takeaways: