The non-profit statement of activities reads much like an Income Statement in for-profit organizations.

Instead of breaking down the activities into Revenue, Cost of Sales, General and Administrative Expenses, and Other Income and Expenses, the non-profit statement breaks down income and expenses into three major buckets:

Program revenue and expenses
Fundraising revenue and expenses
General & Administrative expenses

Nonprofit executives must wear many hats. Not only are they responsible for fundraising to advance their organizational mission, but they may also be responsible for strategic planning, board communications, human resources, and recruiting, among other things.

More so than ever before, nonprofit leaders are under pressure to fundraise, manage operations, comply with state and federal regulatory requirements, and leverage resources cost-effectively.

The challenge of hiring and retaining talent is intensifying as the US workforce shrinks and wages increase. Most nonprofits do not have the resources to achieve all of this this in-house.