Thank you for downloading the TGG PPP Loan Forgiveness Tracker

Your TGG PPP Loan Forgiveness Tracker should have automatically downloaded.  If you do not see it in your download location on your computer, please re-download the TGG PPP Loan Forgiveness Tracker here >>

Using the PPP Payroll Tracker Tool For Loan Forgiveness

The excel template you have purchased/ downloaded is meant to be used by qualified accounting professionals and business owners with financial accumen.  The tool works as well as the information and veracity of information that is put into the tool.  TGG is secure in the validity of the tool but cannot take responsibility for the way in which any person or business uses the tool.  Please reach out to our team if you need help tracking your accounting.


The tool has been constructed utilizing conservatism and it can change at a future date when additional guidance and clarity is provided by the SBA. We don’t know how exactly the forgiveness details will now be interpreted.

Need help using your SBA PPP payroll tracker? Reach out to our team:

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