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Top 5 Myths and Misconceptions About Outsourcing

Outsourcing certain aspects of your business can seem intimidating. Who should you choose? Will they perform better than an in-house team? Will outsourcing affect your internal company culture? Do you have to be a large business to actually benefit? There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about how exactly outsourcing can help your business succeed. We’re here to debunk those myths, clarify the misconceptions, and give you an overview of what outsourcing can and can’t do for an organization.

In our years of providing outsourced accounting services, we’ve heard quite a few objections that stem from misconceptions about outsourcing, here are the top five:
September 14, 2020/by Jackie Berens
planning process

Has your Planning Process Vanished Since COVID?

According to a recent poll, 50% of company leaders believe their operations will not stabilize from the COVID-19 crisis before the next planning process. The global pandemic has placed a strain on all businesses over the last few months. Not only has it affected the current state of a business’s financials, but it also affects how businesses can plan for the future. So, how can you begin to plan if you cannot predict what is going to happen next? Has your planning process vanished since COVID?
September 7, 2020/by Jackie Berens
How TGG helps Investment Bankers and M&A Advisors prepare companies for sale

How TGG helps Investment Bankers and M&A Advisors prepare companies for sale.

When it comes to planning a business’ exit, it all begins with keeping excellent financials. As you, as an investment banker, work to prepare companies for the sale of their business, we can help. Here's how TGG helps Investment Bankers and M&A Advisors prepare companies for sale

Many companies do not have financials that are clear and reflect an accurate representation of their business’ performance. At TGG, we pride ourselves on accurate reporting and expansive financial knowledge. We help transform your client’s books to ensure they are set up for success as they plan for exit.
August 31, 2020/by Jackie Berens
CEO Spotlight Matt Garrett

CEO Spotlight with Matt Garrett

Leading an organization to success can be a huge challenge. There are ups and downs regardless of what industry you're in. This month, we sat down with our founder and CEO, Matt Garrett, to share a little bit more about him as a person, and TGG as a company. In our conversation, we discussed the five pieces of advice Matt would give to a young entrepreneur trying to make it in Accounting. Here's our CEO Spotlight with Matt Garrett:
August 25, 2020/by Jackie Berens
how outsourcing can improve your bottom line

4 Ways Outsourcing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, 59% of companies that outsource do so because of the cost-cutting benefits. While there are many other advantages to outsourcing, one of the most compelling is the ability to reduce costs. Here are 4 ways outsourcing can improve your bottom-line.
August 17, 2020/by Jackie Berens
15 things

15 Things We’ve Learned Being In Business for 15 Years

TGG has been around for 15 years! We think we're looking pretty good for our age.

The journey of growing a company - especially a service-based company like ours - has its growing pains and we wanted to share a little about what we have learned throughout these past 15 years. It's great to be in a position to look back and see how far we've come and also to be able to look forward to all that we still want to accomplish.  We think we've really hit our stride.  The systems we have put in place have set our clients and our company up for success.
August 12, 2020/by Amanda Rogers

Maximize your bottom line

Having the right numbers and financial processes in place improves business outcomes and leads to greater success.


The TGG way is based on strict adherence to the highest financial standards.  Out teams are accountable to you and each other.


We put systems in place to increase transparency and understanding and help business owners avoid common mistakes.


We increase the value of a company by up to 10X EBITDA through rigorous GAAP compliant financial reporting.

Let us guide your business to financial profitability and safety so you can achieve your goals.

TGG doesn’t feel like an outsourced vendor.  Their financial insights, experience, and banking relationships helped us secure a line of credit beyond our expectations.

TGG’s unmatched depth & breadth of experience guided us through proof of concept,  to a successful Series A financing and customer acquisition.

TGG helped us achieve our personal and business goals through the entire process of selling our business.  They demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and ensured a successful sale.

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