WAWF Invoicing

Wide area work flow (commonly referred to as WAWF), provides government vendors a safe and secure paperless system for submitting and tracking invoices. WAWF is required for any DOD (Department of Defense) contract and can be logged into from any location supporting internet access and allows the vendor to check live status updates for their submitted invoices. To read more details about WAWF, please refer to http://www.dla.mil/wideareaworkflow/pages/default.aspx.

Cage Code

The first step to invoicing a government contract job, is to create a cage code. The cage code is only applied for on your first government contract. The same cage code will be used for all future contracts. The link for completing a cage code request is, https://www.bpn.gov/ccr/.

WAWF Website

The next step is to log into the wide area work flow website at https://wawf.eb.mil/. The internet browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) will say the site is not protected; this is ok, open the link. Once the WAWF webpage pulls up, you will need to click “accept” to move forward. The “accept” button is located on the far left towards the bottom of the page. Login with your user name and password. You may have to create an account if you are a first time user.

(NOTE: Be sure to keep a notebook with your cage code, user name, and password. This will help prevent mass confusion in the future).

List of Steps Once Inside WAWF

(NOTE: keep the contract in front of you as you will be referencing it throughout the invoicing process).

  1. Click “Vendor” -> “Create Document”.
  2. Enter the contract number.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click on the button “Populate CLINs”.
  4. Fill out the document type you wish to create (Invoice).
    1. There are multiple types of invoices. Your contract will state which type of invoice you will be submitting.

Once you select the invoice document type and move forward, you will need to reference your contract for all of the necessary details. You will need to look at every tab at the top of the WAWF webpage to make sure all of the information is input according to your contract (each contract is different).

(NOTE: Follow each line item very carefully. Do not forget to input the Purchase Order and Delivery Order Number. Failure to do so will result in a rejected invoice.)

The “Line Items” heading is where you will add the pricing information for your invoice. Refer to the contract for the unit. The unit price is $1.00 and the quantity ordered is the total amount you are billing the government (I know it seems backwards, but this is how they process payments). Enter a description for the work provided in the text box at the bottom.

Under the “Attachments” heading, you will need to attach all of the requested documents. For contractors, these documents include:

    1. Contract Performance Statement (CPS)
    2. Q.C. Verification
    3.  Invoice Certification
    4. Contract Performance Statement signed by both parties (CPS)
    5. Contractors Final Release form (this will need to be mailed in with the wet signatures and corporate seal if incorporated)
    6. Original Certified Payrolls attached either electronically or mailed in.

(NOTE: the documents requested will differ between industries and the services provided).

Once you are sure the information has been input according to the contract’s specifications, return to the first tab, “Header.” At the bottom there is an e-signature and submit button. You will need to click the e-signature to submit. You will not be allowed to submit an invoice if any of the required fields are missing. Once the invoice is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you require live assistance with the WAWF website, contact the Help Desk at (866) 618-5988.

Once Completed

Follow up with the contract specialist later that day. The name and phone number of the contract specialist will be listed at the front of the contract. Ask them if they require any other documents besides the ones submitted and ask them if they see anything that will hold up the invoice from being paid. They only have 3 days to review the contract and will either send an accepted or rejected confirmation email. If rejected, follow up and ask what else is needed. If accepted, follow up with the pay office.

General Advice

If you have any questions, always refer to the contract specialist; they will either have the answer or give you the phone number and name of someone who can help you. Government employees typically leave by 3PM, so make sure to call in the morning. This increases the odds of reaching the contract specialist in person, and not their voicemail. When you do reach a live person, ask them for the pay office phone number. The pay office is in charge of processing the funds via electronic funds transfer. They have 30 days to issue payment from the date of invoice submission. If they miss the 30 day cutoff, you will be entitled to interest.

Written by:
Jake Cavanagh
TGG Accounting

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