Plan B – Preparing for the unexpected

Contingency planning for the 1 in 100 situations that can arise may seem like catastrophic thinking, a waste of time, or farfetched, until a widespread virus disrupts supply chains the world over. Having a Plan B can be the difference between dying intestate and losing all you and a partner had worked for and having the time and space to deal with unexpected crises knowing the business is taken care of. 

  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Documentation
  • Tax Planning
  • Buy/ Sell Agreements

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  1. sutherland property accountants
    sutherland property accountants says:

    Accountants manage all of the intricate and important arithmetic that goes into running your company, including bookkeeping, creating tax returns and profit-and-loss statements, and financial planning. Accountants help their customers with financial planning, monitoring, and management. To put it another way, not all accountants are CPAs, but all accountants are accountants.

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