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Accounting and Financial Outsourcing Solutions and Services

TGG’s alternative financial solutions assigns a four-4 person dedicated outsourced accounting team to your company.

We implement an accounting system for accurate and transparent financial reporting.

The TGG Way® to accounting outsourcing will increase your company’s growth and optimize its value.

Learn how an Outsourced Accounting Partner can help you grow

 Outsource financial services to can guide your business to financial profitability and safety so you can achieve your goals.


Our financial outsourcing solutions will help, as a business owner, you improve finance function and performance by providing an insightful monthly financial package coupled with expert guidance on how to use that information to achieve profitable business growth.


Our accounting services company provides support as either your full outsourced finance department or by partnering with your existing financial team to fill in the gaps and provide confidence in your company’s financial reporting.


Having a dedicated four-person outsourced team outside of your business reduces your risk of fraud, and increases accountability, by incorporating proper internal controls to finance operations.


With the TGG team approach to outsourced finance and accounting services, our clients receive unmatched accuracy to increase business valuation, lower the chance of overpaying taxes, increase gross profit margins, reduce audit and regulatory risk, while increasing confidence in the numbers. Financial outsourcing solutions are the ticket to achieving accuracy in your reporting.

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Did you know that the United States is currently facing a shortage of accountants and CPAs? Hiring your own in-house accounting team could prove costly. Outsourced accounting teams can help you save money while giving you access to the kind of industry-leading expertise you need to grow your business.

Financial outsourcing services cost a fraction of the salary of a regular employee and will keep your existing team focused on growing your core business.

Additionally, an outsourced accounting team will understand today’s accounting best practices. By outsourcing your financial needs to a professional team, you can expect greater accuracy, greater accountability, and stay better poised to increase your profit margins.

Outsourced accounting services give you greater confidence in the strength and direction of your business, and they can be used to refine your strategic goals as you move forward.


CPA outsourcing services can cover just about everything that modern business demands. This commonly includes:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Forensic accounting
  • Controller and CFO services
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Financial statements and reports
  • Accounts receivable/accounts payable management

Combined, these services can be invaluable in assisting with strategic business planning, ensuring that your financial processes are aligned with your company goals.

There are many benefits of outsourcing finance and accounting services. A team of experts can improve your operational efficiency. 

You’ll no longer have to worry about managing your own in-house accounting staff. Further, outsourced accounting teams will bring the latest knowledge to the table, ensuring that your company complies with established regulations and industry best practices. These teams can highlight areas of inefficiency and offer suggestions that can drive profitable business growth.

Some business owners worry that they’ll be handing over their company’s most sensitive data to a third party, losing control and exposing them to risk. But that’s simply not true. If anything, outsourcing CFO services can reduce your risk. How? For one thing, these financial experts will stay on top of latest tax changes to make sure that you stay in compliance. 

They can also centralize your financial processes and data, making it easier than ever to monitor your company’s financial health. And if you’re worried about data security, an accounting firm will have real-time access to your information so that you can address concerns immediately. 

An outsourced accounting team can also introduce additional controls and ensure total accountability across your organization, resulting in less risk than ever.

Some of the benefits of finance & accounting outsourcing include the following:

  • Increase profit margins
  • Save money on administrative costs
  • Gain access to industry-leading expertise
  • Ensure greater accuracy of your financial data
  • Reduce the risk of audits or regulatory concerns
  • Streamline and improve your financial processes
  • Emphasize proper controls for greater accountability

Even if you have an existing financial team, it helps to turn to an outsourced accounting service to fill in the gaps and make sure that your administrative processes are aligned with your business goals.

Time and again, business owners are stunned at the dramatic difference outsourced CPA services make. Outside accounting services eliminate the need for costly hiring decisions or having to weigh the benefits of a controller vs. accounting manager

By tapping into a team of experts, you’ll gain access to insight that helps you grow your business, hone your strategy, and reduce your audit and regulatory risk.

These benefits are ongoing. Accounting firms employ financial professionals who are at the top of their game and always building their knowledge through additional education and training. By outsourcing, you’ll stay on top of any tax changes or regulatory issues that might affect your company or industry.