Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You have questions. We have answers.

Check out our answers to your most important questions

  1. What does TGG do? We are a leading provider of outsourced accounting and business advisory services for small to mid-size businesses across industries. Our mission is to improve business owners’ lives through excellent financial management. For a complete list of services, click here.
  2. What industries do you serve? We work with clients in all industries. Some of the most popular industries we work with include professional services, wholesale, construction, manufacturing, real estate, ecommerce, cannabis, restaurant, SaaS, etc.
  3. Do you bill your services on a time & materials or fixed fee basis? Our services are billed on a time & materials (hourly) basis.
  4. How much do your services cost? Your investment in our services depends on how your accounting is currently being handled and the improvements that need to be made. We do this by taking a look at your accounting file and creating a customized proposal based on our findings. We typically find 5-7% in profitability that you can drive directly to your bottom line.
  5. Do you do any tax or audit work? We are focused on managerial accounting. We do not conduct any audits or file taxes. However, we will work with your CPA to develop a strategy to hit your personal and business goals.
  6. How many accountants will my business be working with? Every client is assigned a team of four accountants which includes a CFO, Controller, Accounting Manager, and a Staff Accountant.
  7. Isn’t four people to an accounting team too many for the size of my business? A team of four accountants may or may not seem like too many for the size of your business. A team of four ensures that the accounting work is being done at the appropriate levels.
  8. Do I have to let go any of my internal accounting people to work with TGG? Absolutely not. Our teams can operate as an extension of your current accounting department.
  9. What’s the process if I’m interested in working with TGG? The first step is for us to meet and learn more about your business including your personal and professional goals. Contact us and we can set up a meeting with you!
  10. Is hiring TGG cheaper than hiring an in-house accounting team? Yes! By outsourcing your accounting and working with us, you won’t have any of the overhead costs associated with hiring an in-house team.
  11. What are the benefits of outsourcing my accounting department? There are several benefits to outsourcing your accounting department. The main benefits being reducing your labor and overhead costs, freeing up internal resources, the ability for us to scale with your business and the resources to find an immediate replacement in the event of turnover.
  12. Do you provide your services remote or onsite? Although we are 100% remote, our team does visit our clients onsite on an as-needed basis. We build the systems and put processes in place so we can work remotely and still seamlessly serve the needs of your business.