Operational Reporting

Operational reporting is the real-time daily numbers reported to an organization.  An example might be batch reports at the end of a restaurant’s day, or daily reports on investments by a brokerage firm.

Operational reporting permits businesses to track trends and analyze data in real time, allowing decisions to be made based on real-time facts rather than projections or hypotheses.

The TGG Way™ relies on the accurate and detailed reports we produce. Operational reporting with TGG gives you up to the minute snapshots of where you are.  Our team’s insights put that in perspective in relation to your budget, cash flow forecasting and industry benchmarking.

Operational Reporting

Traditional stand alone operational reports run the risk of failing to identify inefficiencies in workflows or products. Simply looking once at a static snapshot leaves out the perspective and information about production over time. With TGG’s regular reporting, collaborative process and experienced CFO and Controller in place, your operational reporting takes on a larger perspective in which we are able to observe trends month-over-month and year-over-year creating clarity around financial decision making.

What Is Operational Reporting?

Operational reporting provides a structural and tactical view of an organization. It details the daily aspects of operations, focusing on delivering business intelligence insights that are immediately actionable.

How Does Operational Reporting Help?

In industries with complex interconnected systems working in unison, operational reports can measure several key aspects of the supply and production chain. Then, based on resource costs and usage, production efficiency can be improved.