Outsourced Accounting Teams – Why They Work

Companies with Internal Accounting Staff.

An outsourced accounting team does not have to be a replacement for your internal team.  Many businesses are concerned that they already have a bookkeeper or a small accounting team and that this may prohibit a relationship with an outsourced accounting firm.  Quite the contrary, we enjoy the partnership with your internal people and aim to support them through teamwork and excellence in financial management.

Companies Looking to Outsource Their Entire Accounting Department.

The TGG Way™ provides a team of 4 experienced financial professionals to every client. With this team we can be your entire accounting team.  The TGG teams are comprised of a CFO, Controller, Accounting Manager and Staff Accountant.  Weekly reports close the loop with stakeholders allowing for full financial transparency.


We help you improve financial performance to achieve profitable business growth, to reinvest in your business and to achieve a competitive advantage.


We build value by delivering accurate and timely financial information, which helps you make better business decisions, increase profitability and business growth opportunities. You receive actionable business reporting, decision-making tools, and a clear exit strategy.


We give you peace of mind by reducing the risk of fraud and theft, acting as your confidante in business matters and serving as a valued partner in the growth of your business.


We give you unmatched accuracy that delivers increased business valuation, a lower chance of overpaying taxes, increased gross profit margins, reduction of audit and regulatory risk, and added confidence.

The TGG Way™

We use an objective and measurable system for implementing accounting best practices and quality control. Our professionals bring you superior finance and accounting acumen and experience to ensure your business operations are at optimum efficiency to increase profitability, reduce risk and maximize value.

With internal team members paying bills and accessing financials without oversight, there is always a risk of theft and fraud.  An outsourced accounting firm is accountable not only to each other, to their own CEO but also to your company’s C-suite and management.  By outsourcing your accounting, you significantly reduce the risk of internal fraud.

The team at TGG has 20+ years of experience building out the TGG Way™.  Our processes work because we implement structures onto which all reporting can be scaffolded. Our CFOs, Controllers and Accountants have all been trained in the TGG Way™ and adhere to the highest reporting standards.  We insist on it, they rely on it, and you benefit from it.

The TGG Way™ is a system based on the financial reporting and excellence that allows the largest and most successful companies in the world to thrive.  We implement strict reporting standards and hold our team to the highest GAAP compliance standards, so you can focus on your company’s growth and success.

You are in a stage of rapid growth.

You feel you have an under qualified accounting or bookkeeping team.

You are preparing for an exit.

You have a lack of certainty around accuracy with your current financials.