What Does a Finance Consultant Do?

A finance consultant is not a “financial consultant”.  A financial consultant offers advice to help investors build wealth through financial planning, investment & insurance guidance. A finance consultant sets up financial infrastructure and business growth strategies tracking KPIs, operational reporting and other metrics to ensure that your company is making the best financial decisions based on numbers, not conjecture.

The Controller and CFO act as finance consultants while the Staff Accountant and Accounting Manager focus on daily tasks and building the foundation for accurate and timely financials.


Uncovering the most pertinent key performance indicators and metrics help you as a business owner understand the state of your business.


Weekly updates and daily interaction with your accounting team allows TGG to create real-time operational reporting.


Do not fail because of lack of forecasting.  Our cash flow forecasting works with your static budget to create and estimate of future financial outcomes based on current metrics.


Budgeting relies on historical data and birds-eye understanding of not only the past but the upcoming market trends. Analysis, planning and forecasting determine your short-term and long-term financial goals.


Industry benchmarking against competitors is a reality check.  Remain competitive by using the TGG financial analyses to assess your company’s efficiency and productivity so you can pivot before market trends outpace your trajectory.

A benchmark is a standard that the performance of a similar entity can be measured against. Effective benchmarks have industry relevance and share certain qualities to indicate comparable market share.

Financial forecasting is the reporting that surrounds future driven thinking for companies.  A forecast is created more frequently than a budget and is based on real numbers compared against predicted numbers.  Forecasting allows for purchases of raw materials for example, based on predicted demand for product.

Financial models are the mathematical algorithms created specifically for a company that helps tie different elements of forecasting, benchmarking, budgeting and cash flow management together to give a comprehensive picture of a company’s financial information. A financial model allows a company to change variables and see what those changes might do to P&L or supply chains before an event happens.  A financial model is necessary to have a Plan B.

Why finance consulting is necessary for all businesses

It’s all about the numbers. If your company is making long-term strategic decisions without clear numbers then your chances of failing increase with every passing reporting period.  Clarity in financial reporting is equal to clarity in business decision making.