TGG Client Spotlight: RMS

RMS is one of our favorite long-term clients. We’re consistently impressed by their team and the way they’re changing their industry. Their unique property and reservation management platform makes it easy to run a successful campground, marina, RV park, or any other outdoor-based property. We’re big fans!

We got to have a conversation with the RMS team about what they do, where they’re headed, and the impact they’ve had on the world of property management.

Here’s our full talk with RMS:

What Is One Sentence That Describes Your Company?

With 40+ years of experience, RMS offers flexible and scalable cloud-based reservation management solutions to fit the needs of outdoor properties to help streamline the day-to-day, increase revenue, and maximize business potential.

What Are You Most Proud of at RMS?

We are most proud of our authentic culture at RMS.

Staying true to our core values and building a positive culture is what has helped us grow exponentially over the past decade.

As a company rooted in innovation, collaboration, and growth, we encourage our employees to brainstorm freely and provide feedback that will propel the business forward.

What’s One Fact Most People Don’t Know About Your Company?

RMS is the only reservation management system that has military grade security certification!

RMS team

If We Interviewed Five of Your Clients, What Would They All Say?

In our recent survey, clients repeatedly highlighted our quick, collaborative, and friendly support. Supporting our clients 24/7/365, our US-based team continues to impress our customers!

What Is the Most Fun Thing You’ve Done as a Company?

We offer our passionate and talented employees a relaxed environment while providing a challenging and fun place to work.

Employee engagement is crucial for our global workforce. From virtual games and team-building activities to outings and annual events, we strive for each employee to feel like a part of the team regardless of their location.

What Is the Most Impactful Thing You’ve Done as a Company?

For the past 40+ years, we have put our clients’ needs first, and the global pandemic was no exception.

Our immediate instinct was to find ways to help our customers and their teams navigate this unexpected crisis. That is why we stepped up and offered hardship fee relief to clients who were facing significant financial challenges.

During this time, we were also the only software provider that already had contactless check-in. This seamless technology not only speeds up the check-in process but also creates a safe and contactless customer journey.

These efforts led TrustRadius to recognize RMS with a 2020 Tech Cares Award, which celebrates B2B companies that have gone beyond supporting their clients during the COVID-19 crisis.

Give Someone Just Starting Out in Your Field a Checklist for Success.

  1. Think Outside of the Box – Technology is all about innovation, and at RMS we are dedicated to innovating the latest and greatest. We were the first property management solution built in the cloud over a decade ago.
  2.  People Matter – A company cannot be successful without its people. Our people are our key difference.
  3. Do Your Homework — Understanding the market is key. We work every day to identify the best way to help our clients’ businesses grow. Fresh ideas and new perspectives are what keep us going.
  4. Don’t Fear Failure — Failure is part of success and expected of those who truly push the envelope. Our innovative technology has redefined the possibilities in our industry.
  5. Values Matter — Staying true to our core values is what has helped us grow exponentially over the past decade.

What Do You Value Most in Others and in Your Business?

Creativity is Key — We think outside the box to provide new and unique ideas that represent our company’s inventive nature.

Collaborate and Communicate — We believe that the best work comes when you join forces. We encourage our employees to brainstorm freely and provide feedback that will propel the business forward.

We are Proactive — We work hard to identify and prevent potential problems by taking control of situations.

Driven by Success – We focus on hard work and achieving personal and team goals to reach, and we all win together.

Embrace Diversity — We support and celebrate our differences. Our team prioritizes making employees from all walks of life feel welcome.

What Exciting Initiatives Does Your Business Have Planned for the Future?

We have quite a bit of exciting initiatives in the pipeline, most of which are under wraps as of now.

However, we have just revamped our IBE, providing a more seamless and enhanced experience for the user.

Additionally, we are about to launch smart meters which will enable RMS RV park, campground, and marina customers to streamline processes and create greater efficiencies.

These new integrations will equip properties to handle a surge in camping activity in a way that’s energy efficient. Users will have access to smart, real-time electric meters that eliminate reading errors, reduce labor expenses and reduce energy consumption.

How Have Accurate and Timely Financials Most Helped You as a Company?

We have been able to more accurately forecast future revenues and provide financial transparency to key stakeholders, which is critical when making key business decisions. We have also gained better visibility into how the company operates and what it is doing to increase profitability.