Client Spotlight: Zeno Gym

Zeno Gym was inspired in 2020 to create their home workout bench by the stay-at-home policies instituted nationwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their workout benches can be used for over 50 workouts ranging from step ups to bench press. With all the success the Zeno Gym has had over the past year, we are excited to shine our August Client Spotlight on them! Check out our Q&A with their Founder & CEO, Will Torrez:

Question: What is one sentence that describes your company?

Answer: The most versatile, compact full body workout bench.

Question: What made you want to start your business?

Answer: The need to keep our existing employees in our previous business.

Question: What are you most proud of?

Answer: Selling over 25K benches in our first year of business.

Question: What is one fact about your business that few people know?

Answer: We had no intentions in starting the business to begin with.

Question: Is there anything on the horizon for your business that you’re excited about?

Answer: We are about to partner up with a large group of celebrity athletes.

Question: Before you started working with TGG, what problems were you experiencing with your Accounting?

Answer: We had all of our accounting intertwined with our existing business accounting.

Question: What results has TGG been able to achieve for your business and what has been the impact?

Answer: TGG found several thousand dollars in missing funds.

Question: Now that you’ve been working with TGG since the end of 2020, how have things improved?

Answer: For the first time, we have clear financials.

At the start of our engagement, Zeno Gym had transactions blended with a related company. Within the span of two months, we came in and set them up with an accounting system, ran a full cost analysis of their labor and materials, were able to get all their transactions in order for 2020 and filed their 2020 tax returns. With these new processes in-place and greater insight into their financials, it allowed Zeno Gym the ability to uncover thousands of dollars in the business that they were unaware of. We are so proud to work with Zeno Gym as they make their mark on the fitness industry!

To learn more about Zeno Gym, check out their website:

Will Torrez

Will Torrez, Founder & CEO

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