TGG Team Member Spotlight

Eric Carter – Director of Product

We are excited to spotlight our Director of Product, Eric Carter! Eric is the one working behind the scenes at TGG to develop TGG HUB and make sure everything runs seamlessly. He’s focused on new product initiatives and giving business owners the tools they need to make better decisions by the numbers. 

With 7 years in product management and 12 years of experience in investment management, we are excited to share more about him and the exciting work he’s doing with TGG HUB!

Check out our Q&A with Eric!

Eric Carter, Director of Product

Thank you for letting us ask you some questions, Eric! To start off, how would you describe your role at TGG?

My goals are to build products that increase client lifetime value and lower costs to the company.

One of those products that you’re working on is TGG HUB. How would you explain TGG HUB as it relates to where the future of accounting is headed?

HUB is going to provide custom monthly financials and analytics in a time saving manner. In the future, more analytics tools are going to help business leaders make better decisions. TGG HUB specifically, is being designed as a tool that’s going to help small to medium sized business leaders make those better decisions.

That’s exciting to hear! When building a product like this, what’s the biggest misconception?

That it’s easy. And fast. It’s the opposite. [laughs]

That’s very true! What made you want to pursue the career you have today?

I grew up with almost every engineering or building kit you could imagine and would spend hours in my room building cool things. I went into finance for 10+ years, but when I had the opportunity to build a company, I jumped and haven’t looked back since.

Do you have any advice for someone that interested in going in the product development field?

You have to be exceptionally detailed oriented and truly understand what the customer finds valuable or will find valuable in your product so they want to use it. When designing software, you have to cover every scenario and permutation of an outcome so the developers can write the code correctly (hopefully the first time).

Are there any words of wisdom you’ve picked up in your life that you still live by today?

You just have to put in the work and the time and rest will take care of itself.

So true! As we wrap up, are there any hobbies you enjoy outside of work? 

Absolutely! I’m an avid cyclist. I enjoy trail running and recently started to pick up golf again.

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