TGG University: From Foundations of Accounting to CFO forums the TGG University Certificate programs are dynamic live online trainings for all levels of accounting

As you may have seen on our social media pages, or email newsletters, we have recently launched TGG University! TGG University offers stand-alone and certificate courses to those looking to expand their accounting knowledge. From Foundations of Accounting to CFO forums the TGG University Certificate programs and dynamic live online trainings are for all levels of accounting.

What else do you need to know about our new project TGG-U? 

The reason TGG was founded in the first place was to provide exceptional financials to those who have either not realized the value of them yet or lack the internal resources to access the kind of financial power the big companies have at their fingertips. As we continue to move forward and innovate, we have chosen to launch TGG University.  TGG University is our educational platform, a way for us to meet the best and brightest accountants in the field and a way for us to share our secret to success. 

Within TGG-U we offer 5 different levels of accounting certificate courses and multiple stand-alone courses to sharpen your skills. Our current staff of CFO and Controller level accountants have taken on the task of sharing their years of expertise. Not only are you getting some of the best accounting professionals to lead you through your course, but you are also receiving applicable real-world examples to further reinforce the lessons.

As an employer, consider if your accounting team is giving you all the accurate data you need to make informed decisions.

If your team is unable to provide accurate, timely information to inform your cash flow forecasts, end-of-year reporting, and monthly reconciliations, consider sending them to the TGG_U certificate courses or, having our team custom-design a program to level-up your entire team.  These reports are vital to the success of your business, therefore you need to be sure your team is equipped to provide you with the best possible numbers so you can make the best possible decisions.

At TGG, we follow the TGG Way™ to provide impeccable financials to our clients. We believe so much in our processes and procedures that we want to help your business do the same. The TGG Way™ is the backbone of everything we do, we believe in systems and processes, we believe in impeccable accounting, we believe in the numbers. 

Want to learn from the most experienced accounting professionals in the industry? Check out our TGG-U courses!

TGG University

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