Our Team

Our Team

Our difference lies in our approach of working side by side with our clients to provide meaningful business strategies.

We integrate the resources of a full accounting team, including a fractional CFO, within your culture to best understand your goals and objectives. Depending on your unique needs, we staff up to four levels of highly trained professionals, each serving a specific purpose to ensure efficiency, quality internal control procedures, and the delivery of accounting best practices and business strategies to give you peace of mind. The combination of our “4-to-a-Team” system with our TGG Way™ provides you the most effective and efficient service delivery platform to help you achieve success.

Chief Financial Officer

The CFO oversees the client service team and is responsible for developing financial and operational strategies to improve business performance and accomplish key goals. The CFO also provides guidance and expertise with financing, banking relationships, forecasting, modeling, and exit strategies.


The controller is responsible for all day-to-day and monthly accounting activities, and delivery of timely, accurate financial statements to the CFO and client. The controller sets up the processes, procedures and internal controls that deliver more efficient and less costly operations to minimize the risk of theft, fraud or omissions, and increase profitability.

Accounting Manager

The accounting manager is responsible for the day-to-day financial accounting and transaction processing, culminating in preparation of accurate and timely financial statements. Accounting managers do much of the “heavy lifting” at the client, working closely with the team on a daily basis ensuring quality controls are in place.

Staff Associate

The staff associate is responsible for the day-to-day transactional accounting work for our clients.