21 Tips to Improve Cash Flow

Actionable steps you can take to improve cash flow, cut costs and increase profitability.

Understand Your Numbers

  • From cash in to cash out, your business has to understand the numbers to make clear decisions
  • Are there places where cash is leaking out of of your organization?
  • Are there places you can make smarter decisions to make your money work for you.

Looking to dive deeper?

The TGG Cash Flow Forecaster will give you a clear picture of the health and safety of your business for the next 13 weeks, 6 months, and onwards.

Keep Your Business Safe. Get a clear picture of your cash runway; how long will your cash last?

Identify liquidity issues in a timely way to make crucial financing decisions.  Engage in scenario planning: What if I extend my inventory billing cycle 7 days? What happens if I renegotiate my lease? How long will my CARES Act loan last? What if I reduce my workforce by 10%? Can I make that equipment purchase this month?

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