Client Spotlight: Alternative Telecom Solutions

Alternative Telecom Solutions (ATS) provides old fashioned service in a high tech world. They are a family-owned company serving the wireless telecommunications industry by sourcing inventory from the top manufacturers and suppliers. Their inventory specifically reflects the demands of wireless infrastructure from antennas to heat shrink, and everything in-between. With their focus on customer service, we wanted to find out more about ATS so we’re excited to shine our Client Spotlight on them! Check out our Q&A with their CEO, Anthony Magro!

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We’re excited to learn more about Alternative Telecom Solutions (ATS)! Let’s first start off with what does ATS do?

ATS is a distributor of passive infrastructure equipment in the wireless telecommunications industry.  We provide equipment directly to Tier 1 wireless carriers and the integrators that support their network.

What is one fact about ATS that few people know?

Almost 25 years ago Verizon shut down their internal supply chain division. At that time, Verizon asked the two Supply Chain Directors to transition to different divisions within the company.  Director of Supply Chain West, Sam Magro, my father, decided not to change divisions and move to Dallas, and rather start a company of his own. ATS was founded in my parent’s guest room.  That room is now their home gym.      

That’s an interesting story of how the company was founded and the business has obviously grown since then. What is your most recent accomplishment that you’re most proud of? 

Since ATS began our engagement with TGG in 2020, 60% of our revenue was concentrated with one customer. Since then, our plan to diversify has reduced that concentration to 23% while growing top line revenue by 50% last year.

Is there anything on the horizon for your business in 2022 and beyond that you’re excited about?  

In 2022, ATS doubled the size of our distribution facility in Denver.  We have a similar growth plan in 2023 at our HQ in Northern California.

Wow! That’s incredible! Switching gears to your accounting, before you started working with us, what problems were you experiencing?

A lack of cashflow management.  A one page P&L was the extent of our accounting reports.

Why did you decide to work with us and how have things improved or what solutions have we provided? 

I heard Matt Garrett speak, and rather than try to over complicate accounting he seemed to simplify to process.  That gave me confidence that the work we did together would be applicable to both our day-to-day business and long term planning. 

We’re so glad we could help! As we wrap up, is there anything else about ATS that you would like people to know about? 

What ATS does is not unique, it’s how we do things that makes us different.  We care about the work we do and try to bring back a human element business.

Thank you for your time Anthony! We look forward to being a part of your ATS’s growth in the future.

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Anthony Magro

Anthony Magro

CEO of Alternative Telecom Solutions

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