Client Spotlight: Evolution Nutrition

Evolution Nutrition provides meal planning software for fitness pros. As you’ll read below, they are committed to helping businesses and communities achieve their goals, through nutrition. With their custom meal planning and monitoring program, we wanted to learn more about Evolution Nutrition and shine our Client Spotlight on them! Check out our Q&A with their Founder, Jeff Boyes!

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of our Client Spotlight! Can you start by telling us exactly what Evolution Nutrition does?

Evolution Nutrition provides an online-based meal planning software as a service to fitness and nutrition professionals that enables them to create a business model & maximize revenue for online nutrition services.  We are a subscription-based service that is on a recurring revenue model,  and therefore our focus is both on maximizing customer acquisitions and minimizing churn. 

That’s sounds great! When did you start the company and how has it evolved since?

The Company first launched and began acquiring customers to the online business platform, in February of 2012.  With over a decade in the industry there been significant changes that we have had to adapt to with technology, user experiences, and the ever-changing landscape of the professional health & nutrition industries. The largest pivot has been in our understanding and focus on the value and importance of data connected to customer engagement & adoption. Data allows you to objectively measure, determine solutions for, and make informed decisions that will ultimately impact your success. Success in a data driven world means understanding how to prioritize and interpret it for your business.

Since you’ve been in business for over a decade, what are you most proud of?

The commitment and focus we maintain collectively as a team, to operate in the agile business model we have adapted to in the last 24 months.  An agile ecosystem our organization now adopts moving forward, that encompasses not only our development and operational initiatives, but how we utilize the insight and guidance of TGG to help navigate our path to success.  This has created the alignment and efficiency that we have currently to successfully be aware of and address barriers that exist in the present, and optimize our strategy and actions to remain in control of our future.

Teamwork is so important to a successful business. Is there anything on the horizon that you’re most excited about?  

The limitation in our professional industry is the market size, which ultimately has limited our opportunity, both past and present.  Our vision and roadmap encompasses applying what we have learned about the industry and the unique model of our service, and forging a new path and platform to a significantly larger opportunity, the consumer market; which has been the focus of our organization the last 18 months throughout our research & development.

Developing not only our platform and marketing campaign, but our new financial models going forward to optimize our efforts and cash flow.  The work TGG has provided us with throughout these phases has been instrumental in securing the financial strategy and forecasts to be able to make the necessary informed decisions at each phase. We are currently implementing beta testing in Q4 with a projected full scale consumer release in Q1 2023, which will significantly change the trajectory and path of Evolution Nutrition.

That’s great to hear! What advice do you have for business owners? What lessons have you learned throughout your career?

An organization’s future and success is only as strong as the will and passion of the people that influence and drive its success on a daily basis.  Empowering and gaining the complete trust of your employees (once you have the right ones in place) will have influence more than a business owner could ever realize, and creates a synergy and cohesiveness that eventually produces a work product far beyond what was envisioned.

The most impactful lesson that I have learned, accepted and honored, is that one should never assume the road your business is on is straight (or should be) and as the business owner, it is our responsibility to trust our knowledge and vision to navigate that path, and amend it if necessary to ensure the company’s success and future.  One can only do that with a level of confidence of information & data, and guidance to interpret and make the best decisions based on that information.

Before you started working with us, what problems were you experiencing with your Accounting?

Prior to working with TGG, there was a disconnect for our company with interpreting and applying our model of decision making, directly to financial data and projections. We were operating completely in a state of reaction of what we were seeing in our financial reports in real time, and not utilizing financial planning and strategy to the best of our ability to forecast and create a control of our future. With the shift our organization has had to adapt to this year with our new business opportunities and roadmap, TGG has fully supported establishing that transparency and control that is necessary to help ensure our success.

We’re happy to hear we’ve had such a positive impact! As we wrap up, can you touch on why you decided to work with us and how have things improved or what solution(s) have we provided?

We were connected with and referred to TGG and Matt Garrett through very trusted professional colleagues, and after learning of their financial service models, there was a high level of confidence from the beginning TGG would be a very valuable asset to our company’s roadmap and success.  The value of TGG to our company, 8 years after first working with them, is beyond measure.  The relationship and trust they have built, and earned, particularly in the last 24 months, has been pivotal in us understanding how to properly assess, interpret and make the best decisions for the company based on our financial reports and forecasts. These decisions universally drive operations, marketing and product development, so the impact TGG financial services has on our business is through and through, and we have a higher level of confidence going into 2023 as we move to our new business opportunities and model, that their services will be significantly tied to our success.

Thank you for your time, Jeff! We look forward to the future of our partnership.

To learn more about Evolution Nutrition, check out their website:

Jeff Boyes

Founder of Evolution Nutrition

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