Client Spotlight: Flying A Media

A name and logo that once belonged to a billionaire. A nonprofit organization they created to provide educational support for students. These are just a couple of unique characteristics of our February Client Spotlight; Flying A Media. Check out our full Q&A with President, Pat Amsbry!

Q: What is one sentence that describes Flying A Media?

A: Flying A Media is a small team of business, media & marketing specialists committed to guiding companies through our new normal. Using forward-leaning business & data-driven strategies, digital and traditional media tactics, Flying A helps small and medium size companies through the uncertainty of the moment to ensure they survive and thrive.

Q: What made you want to start your business?

A: Since 1978 we’ve successfully grown our clients’ businesses through several challenging world and national economic environments. In 2020, we purchased the 42-year-old company and set out to completely reinvent and rebrand the business. We were inspired to create a 2.0 version of the brand that leveraged our successful history and launched a new approach to client solutions, use of technology, and a spirit of giving back to the employees and community.

Q: What are you most proud of?

A: Our adaptability in these unprecedented times, and our ability to discover new ways to contribute to the community.

Q: What is one fact about Flying A Media that few people know?

A: The Flying A name and logo was once the intellectual property of maverick oilman and billionaire J. Paul Getty. In the 1970’s Getty’s Tidewater Oil Company let the name and trademark expire. We have owned the marks since 1978 and believe the Flying A name and our unique and recognizable logo demonstrates a similar adventurous approach to serving our customers. We think J. Paul Getty would be proud.

Q: Is there anything on the horizon for your business that you’re excited about?

A: We are excited to keep serving our clients every day and to help them survive and thrive during COVID-19. Even more exciting is the many lessons we have learned over the last year, and we are working on several programs to leverage these lessons, innovating some new approaches to our processes in a way that will bring about big impact for current and prospective clients.

Q: Can you tell us about your nonprofit organization, Friends of Madison Elementary?

A: Friends of Madison Elementary (FOME) is a group of neighbors dedicated to providing charitable and educational support for the students and community of Madison Elementary in Pasadena, California. With over four years of data demonstrating how direct, supervised investment into the classroom can make an outsize impact on student performance, FOME has crafted a more equitable learning environment and opened up many new opportunities for students who so desperately need them. Our mission is to instill a belief in each student that ‘anything is possible’. Through 100% of the supplied contributions and donated funds, FOME has helped create and contribute programs, school supplies, and meals to the students and community. We are finalizing a playbook so we can take this unique Friendship funding model to other neighborhoods and schools.

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Pat Amsbry, President of Flying A Media

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