Do you really need a full-time CFO?

Most business owners know that keeping up with the financial health of your business will help you succeed. What some business owners don’t always consider is that financial planning, forecasting, and modeling are essential to the growth of all businesses. In order to do all of those things effectively, you need a CFO, but it doesn’t always have to be a full-time CFO! 

Outsourced CFOs can lend a guiding hand to lead your business to success. 

With an Outsourced CFO, you get greater financial expertise.  At TGG, our CFO team has an immense amount of experience without having become rigid in one industry. They have experience with M&A transactions, strategy, long term financial growth, and 10 years of leadership experience. 

When small businesses begin to grow and become mid-sized businesses there is great importance on financial accuracy. 

With purchase orders, sales receipts, growing customer lists, receivables and payables, tax returns, and more there is a lot to handle for a small accounting team. Hiring an outsourced CFO can help to ensure your processes and procedures are in place to help you succeed well into the future.

Not only will an outsourced CFO help implement processes and procedures, but they can provide cash-flow models, improve balance sheets, provide advice on market activities, and help you strategize for the future of your business. 

At TGG, we provide our clients with teams of 4 to cover all of their business needs. This team includes a CFO, a Controller, an Accounting Manager, and a Staff Accountant. Each member of the team is designed to support your team in creating impeccable financials and help you strategize for your company’s future success. 

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do you really need an outsourced cfo?

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