How to Know If You Have Hired the Right Staff Accountant

Staff Accountants are the backbone of any good accounting firm and handle the majority of basic accounting functions for your company. When you have great Staff Accountants, your business will run more smoothly, and your CFO will be able to make the best possible decisions. When it comes to accounting, every small decision matters in a big way for the company as a whole. Here are a few qualities to look out for when hiring Staff Accountants:

  • Keen Eye for Detail: Staff Accountants work with numbers daily and they must ensure that the numbers they are working with are correct. They must be precise in everything they do, especially when working long hours during the busy season.
  • Growth-minded: Young accountants are usually eager to learn and tackle new challenges. They should be motivated to find inefficiencies in the system and improve them. As they continue to improve the company from the bottom-up, they will gain a better understanding of the industry as a whole.

  • Maintain Integrity: The accounting department as a whole needs to uphold this characteristic. These are the people managing the company’s financial data and have the ability to change the numbers if they choose. You must hire someone with a high level of personal integrity in order to protect your company and maintain the standards you have set for your employees.
  • Highly Organized: Accountants have to deal with massive amounts of data and numbers, so staying organized is vital to the success of a good Staff Accountant. This helps them prioritize and manage accounts in an efficient manner.
  • Great Communication Skills: A Staff Accountant must be able to quickly communicate their findings to whoever needs the information. The ability to effectively explain and interpret the concepts and data to people who are not Accountants will serve them in the future.
  • Time-Management: Staff Accountants must be able to manage their tasks and complete them before the deadline hits, which means they must have amazing time-management skills. The work they complete is used to make potentially huge financial decisions for the company, so they must be able to finish their work by the time the deadline rolls around.

When looking for great employees, these characteristics are a great starting point for any employer. Hiring these types of Staff Accountants will affect your overall company performance, which is why it is so important to consider every aspect of any employee before asking them to join your team. When they finally do come on as an employee, make sure to express your gratitude for all of their hard work! At TGG, we have the best staff accountants on our team to help your company succeed.

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