Are Your Good Salespeople Actually Harming Your Business?

Hiring great salespeople is essential to the success of your business. These employees are dealing with the bulk of your business. The stats surrounding hiring salespeople are troubling. With 70% of hires in the sales field determined ineffective, and only last 18 months, it can be difficult to find great team members. Could your top salespeople be your worst salespeople? In this video, Matt Garrett describes how your worst salespeople may look the best on paper.

‘Good on paper’ salesperson may be actually costing your company money. If you give your salespeople the ability to control pricing, they may be going below the gross margin you need to be profitable. How can you combat this?

First, set a floor price for your salespeople. Set the limit above the gross margin you need to be profitable.

Next, set incentives for salespeople to price above the floor price. If salespeople receive benefits from pricing higher than the floor price, they will be more likely to upsell.

If you don’t allow your salespeople to set prices for your business, set prices at a level with an adequate gross margin for your business to be successful.

We understand that hiring the right people may be difficult. If you follow the steps above, you will likely weed through the bad salespeople in the interview. For more profitability tips check out our Video Content Library.