How TGG helps Investment Bankers and M&A Advisors prepare companies for sale.

When it comes to planning a business’ exit, it all begins with keeping excellent financials. As you, as an investment banker, work to prepare companies for the sale of their business, we can help. Here’s how TGG helps Investment Bankers and M&A Advisors prepare companies for sale

Many companies do not have financials that are clear and reflect an accurate representation of their business’ performance. At TGG, we pride ourselves on accurate reporting and expansive financial knowledge. We help transform your client’s books to ensure they are set up for success as they plan for exit.

According to one of the main reasons it takes so long for businesses  to get their company ready to sell “is that the overwhelming majority of small business owners don’t keep their financial and business records in anywhere near the condition a prospective buyer wants to rely on.” 

So, what does this look like for your clients?

At TGG, we work alongside your clients’ accounting department to ensure their books are as accurate as possible. Our teams of four experienced financial professionals, consisting of a CFO, a Controller, an Accounting Manager, and a Staff Accountant, are there to support the internal teams or act as a complete outsourced accounting department to validate and prepare their financials for exit.

The TGG Way™ works because we implement a structure to which all reporting can be scaffolded. Our entire team has been trained to ensure the highest GAAP compliant reporting standards, and create financials that deliver results.

Our Founder & CEO, Matt Garrett, has created the TGG Way™ to reflect large corporations’ excellent financial management and translate those processes to small to mid-size businesses. With these systems in place, planning for exit is streamlined. The financial reports we deliver facilitate decision-making clarity and allow owners to plan for the future.

Want to see our processes in action? Check out our Planning for Exit case study, to see how we can really move the needle for your clients.

Contact us today to see how TGG helps Investment Bankers and M&A Advisors prepare companies for sale.

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