Case Studies – Preparing for Exit

Planning for an exit brought to light operations concerns and a history of non-standard financial reporting.

TGG standardized financial reports to accurately present the company’s excellent financial performance. We identified key industry metrics that would drive the overall valuation.

Managing Due Diligence During the Sale

TGG managed the preparation and delivery of 100% accurate and timely monthly financial statements to potential acquirers.  We managed the sell-side due diligence process and leveraged our collective experience to provide strategic guidance during negotiations with prospective buyers.

Standardizing Metrics & KPIs

TGG used its deep market knowledge and transaction experience to create standardized financial reports that accurately presented the company’s financial performance. TGG was able to identify and clearly present key industry metrics that were most likely to drive the overall valuation.


Weeks of Work

February 2019

Date of Acquisition




Increase in Sale Price

Facilitating Operations Overhaul

TGG helped the company gain insight into their operations.  By examining their finances internally they were able to ensure their supply chain was lean, managed costs and responded with agility to fluctuations in demand.

What The Client Said

“TGG was instrumental in helping us achieve our personal and business goals. They performed as a valued partner through the entire process of selling our business and guided us during conversations and negotiations. They demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and ensured a successful sale.”

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