TGG Team Member Spotlight

David Nieves, Director – Talent Acquisition

We are proud to spotlight our Director of Talent Acquisition, David Nieves! When applying to TGG, David is the friendly face meeting with job candidates and setting our new team members up for success starting from day one.

With over 5 years of recruiting experience, we are excited to share more about him and what it takes to attract talent (along with the secret to a perfect charcuterie)!

Check out our Q&A with David!

David Nieves

David Nieves, Director – Talent Acquisition

Thank you for speaking with us David! First off, what made you want to pursue recruiting and talent acquisition as a career?

When I decided to leave my career in law, where my goal was to help people earn back their freedom, I still wanted to find a career where I was serving others and making a true difference. Working my way up in Talent Acquisition over the past 5 years has allowed me to partner with founders of companies to help them find the best talent out in the labor market. Not only have I been able to help companies grow in staff, but I’ve also been able to make so many candidates’ dreams come true…finding them the best position possible through great rapport and building trust with each candidate I speak with.

Building trust and rapport is so important. What parts of your job do you find most enjoyable or interesting?

The most thrilling part of my career is getting ovations of how I changed someone’s life and how they enjoyed the entire consideration process from first contact to placement, and even through their first few months of employment. I love being able to build trust with a candidate and stand with them throughout the entire consideration process, representing them in the best way possible.

Is there any advice or words of wisdom you’ve picked up in your life that you still live by today?

There definitely is…

    1. Treat people the way THEY want to be treated. You can learn this by building trust and understanding them on a deeper level. We are all different and treating someone the way YOU want to be treated might differ from what they are comfortable with.
    2. Surround yourself with people that challenge you to become a better version of yourself. This does not mean to necessarily meet the demands of others on who they may want you to be, but instead, be open minded and surround yourself with people that have succeeded with things you want to succeed at.
    3. Never stop trying. We all will get rejected or shut down from time to time. It’s the person with hustle, grit, and drive that win at the end. You won’t get anywhere by just sitting around hoping. DO IT!
    4. Always trust yourself. No one knows you better than you. So, trust your intuition/gut feeling, always and forever.

That is all such great advice! Switching gears to TGG, what attracted you to work here?

There were 3 major things that drew me to TGG:

  1. Work from anywhere policy
  2. Unlimited PTO
  3. Upward mobility/potential for career growth

Given the current economy, what do you think companies should be doing to attract talent?

Companies need to be more flexible! The Coronavirus pandemic is something that changed the face of the workforce. Employees across all fields want flexible working schedules and the ability to work remotely!

Employee flexibility is so important nowadays. Where do you think companies miss the mark when it comes to recruiting new people?

The #1 thing recruiters fall short at is building GENUINE rapport; so many of us that work in this industry are used to the days when we were working in a staffing agency working 10 different requisitions across 5 different clients, all with differing requirements. Recruiters often time get on the phone with the goal of finding someone to check their boxes off. When this happens, the candidate feels like the interview is scripted and not genuine. I start off each interview reminding the candidate that instead of thinking of our meeting as a formal interview, instead think of it as two friends having a conversation about their career goals and what they see themselves doing moving forward, whether it be at my company or not. The goal is to make candidates feel like I care about what their goals are…because I do…and I work hard to match that candidate with the right role that will get them there.

You’ve mentioned that you enjoy putting together a nice charcuterie board. In your opinion, what’s the secret to the perfect charcuterie?

Honestly, there is no secret. The great thing about charcuterie boards is that you can make it however you want. I usually have 5-7 different types of international cheeses, some fig spread, a raw honeycomb, some specialty crackers, and a few different types of red wine.

As we conclude, is there anything else about you or your job that you would like people to know?

The last thing I want to say…NEVER settle. The world is your oyster! ANYTHING is possible. Get out, trust yourself, find your niche, and never stop learning/improving yourself FOR yourself.

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