The SBA Payroll Protection Program (PPP) provides up to $350 billion in forgivable loans.

The TGG SBA PPP Loan Organizer Toolkit will help you qualify, secure your loan and remain in compliance with the forgiveness terms.

The SBA PPP loan provides incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll.









We have developed a toolkit to help business owners determine eligibility, and  secure the SBA PPP forgivable loans.

The eligibility review is free.

The full toolkit includes a step by step walkthrough with encrypted and secure automated review of uploaded documents. The full toolkit is $750 ($500 for the first 50 enrollees) paid on completion of the eligibility portion of the toolkit below. For a personal TGG guide through the process, the cost is only $1,500.

SBA PPP Loan Criteria

SBA PPP Loans are forgivable:

  • If the business uses 75% of the loan amount to pay payroll expenses during the 8 week period following receipt of the funds.
  • If the business uses 25% for operating expenses.
  • If the business can verify the use of funds.

Strategies to ensure forgiveness:

  1. Place funds in a separate account.
  2. Return funds that are not used in the allotted time period for the appropriate use.
    1. i.e. For a loan of $100K, $75K must be used in the 8 weeks to cover payroll.  If the business only has $60K in payroll costs in those 8 weeks, they should either return the money or assume that portion of the loan, $15K will be un-forgiven.  Non-forgiven loans revert to the terms of the loan at 2 years, 1% interest with 6 months deferred payments.
  3. Keep impeccable records of expenses.  Bank records, expense reports, physical receipts.

US Banks originate the SBA PPP Loans.

Most banks will only accept loan applications from existing customers.

A few exceptions can be found here :

Read the entire Federal Reserve Press Release HERE:

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