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Sage Timberline Office a.k.a. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate allows construction and real estate firms an opportunity to streamline workflow and processes between departments to improve accounting efficiencies. This blog will provide a brief overview of the report designer module.

The report designer module allows you to create any type of report you may need. You can also open a canned report and modify it so you have a starting point. There are over 500 canned reports so there are plenty of options. Of course some more complex reports will need to be created by a Timberline consultant in either the Timberline report format or a crystal report format. All reports designed using report designer can be added to the reporting tree or toolbar for easy access.

Report designer allows you to change the format of a report like inserting page breaks and use any font type you desire. You can sum any line you want and enter custom information, headings, comments, etc.

Each module has a report manager so you can link the custom built reports within each module for easy access. The most important thing to remember when modifying existing reports is to name each version differently. You never want to override the existing report and save those changes. You always want to preserve each version of the report you are creating to minimize loss of information.

There are additional features within report designer to help you tailor the reports to show only the information you want. You can also design the document(s) to show prompts as well as condition the report to reduce its size.

For example, if you want a report to show one job, you can condition the report to that specific job. You can also condition the report(s) to show each division or department if your company has more than one division or department.

Report designer is a great tool to use to customize information for your company without having to sacrifice looking at unnecessary information. Once you have the report created or modified, you can export the reports into Excel for easy manipulation to create templates for everyday use. You can modify the Excel file to create pivot table or charts, for example.

There are many more features of this module so please contact your TGG professional should you have any questions on this topic.

Written by:
Annie Terracciano
TGG Accounting

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