Sage Timberline – Payroll Module

Sage Timberline Office a.k.a. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate allows construction and real estate firms an opportunity to streamline workflow and processes between departments to improve accounting efficiencies. This blog will provide a brief overview of the Payroll module.

Employee information can be tracked in this module like total employee hours for a specific timeframe, hire date, and termination date. I-9’s and drug testing can be tracked in this module as well.

The Payroll module allows you to set up pay IDs, tax, rate tables, and other deductions for each employee or employee class. After all this is set up, you can enter the time entries or import the time entries in a comma delimited file and all pay and benefits will be automatically calculated. Timberline will also help calculate union fringes and benefits including certified payroll.

Entering time into the payroll module of Timberline will allow you to send labor information into job cost so you can track labor for each job. Payroll can be entered to a specific job and specific cost code.

Like all other modules in Timberline, you’ll be able to search entries within the payroll module. One example is to inquire a specific pay period and what hours were entered for an employee. Columns can be inserted or deleted based on the inquiry which can then be conditioned to fit your needs and printed.

Timberline helps with quarterly payroll tax reporting and can print your 941 forms directly from the module. You can also print weekly deposit summaries to show what the payroll tax liabilities are each week or pay period.

One report that is very helpful if job costing is crucial to your business is the labor costs by account and by job. This will allow you to search any entries posted to no job. These should be your indirect or administrative costs. There should not be any costs posted to a job with no job number. If there are, corrections will need to be made to move these to the proper jobs in order to job cost these correctly.

The way to process payroll in Timberline is to enter or import the time entries as desired, review the time entry report to ensure accuracy. Once the payroll is confirmed to be correct, the payroll can be processed then checks can be printed and payroll can then be posted.

Once the payroll is posted, the entries will be pushed into the job costs, billing and general ledger modules. The checks, whether live or direct deposits, will be pushed through to the cash management module for bank reconciliations.

There are many more features of this module so please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions on this topic.

Written by:
Annie Terracciano
TGG Accounting

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