Client Spotlight: AYPO At Your Pace Online

CEO Mike Melvin

It’s time for TGG’s Client Spotlight!

We asked CEO, Mike Melvin of AYPO, At Your Pace Online, to share some insights into their company.  

Mike shared that before they brought on our team at TGG they weren’t sure what they really needed from an outsourced accounting company but they knew they needed consistent service, and more sophisticated insights which had been lacking in prior engagements.  We’re pleased to say that the weekly reporting and attention to detail have been exactly what Mike was looking for. 

We are so pleased to highlight AYPO in this month’s Client spotlight. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into AYPO:

What is one sentence that describes your company?

At Your Pace Online is an Online education company serving the regulated markets: Electrical, Drivers Ed, Real Estate, Insurance, Contracting, Engineering, Plumbing and others. Our company was bootstrapped and built with a strong foundation for lasting growth.

Is there anything on the horizon for your business that you’re excited about?

We’ve been working on a platform for our products for about two years now. We’ll be launching soon, which will free up resources and help us scale more efficiently.

Before you started working with TGG, what problems were you experiencing with your Accounting?

I guess the biggest problem was that we didn’t know we had a problem. TGG has added the sophistication we needed at this stage in our company.

Now that you’ve been working with TGG for over 1 year, how have things improved?

Guidance, sophistication and attentiveness. At least one of these things were missing with the three prior firms we worked with. TGG, exhibits all of these consistently. To be honest, when we first started working with TGG, I was waiting for the “switch”. At any point, the service level was going to drop. I’ve experienced this “honey moon phase” with most third party’s I’ve engaged. TGG has consistently delivered.

What results has TGG been able to achieve for your business and what has been the impact?

I’ve worked with a few interested investors over the last six months or so and all of them have been impressed with our books. If I decide to take on investors, I will be better positioned then I would have been without TGG’s help.


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