You can’t make informed decisions without

Accurate Numbers

TGG assigns a 4 person dedicated outsourced accounting team to your company.

We implement systems for accurate and transparent reporting.

The TGG Way® will increase your company’s growth and optimize its value.

Learn how an Outsourced Accounting Partner can help you grow

The TGG Way™ will guide you to financial clarity and informed decision making.


Having the right numbers and financial processes in place improves business outcomes and leads to greater success.


The TGG Way™ is based on strict adherence to the highest financial standards.  Our outsourced accounting teams are accountable to you and to each other.


We put systems in place to increase transparency and understanding and help business owners avoid common mistakes.


We increase the value of a company by up to 10X EBITDA through rigorous GAAP compliant financial reporting.

We can guide your business to financial profitability and safety so you can achieve your goals.